From a mum who generated leads resulting in $10K days, while managing two children, a commercial business, a busy household and a FIFO husband.

Limited Time Enrolment Offer
6 Online Self-Study Modules Teaching You Every Element of Digital Marketing and Social Media
This course is NOT ANOTHER COURSE that you will put in the back of your cupboard. It will go through EVERY ELEMENT you need to generate leads without all the "fluff". The most important thing your business needs is qualified, quality leads clicking the "Buy Now" button, right?

This course will give you that, and more. You will learn all the critical elements that are imperative to getting clients to love you and buy your products online, without wasting time on so-called strategies that add nothing to your bottom line. I'm so excited about getting your product launched and getting leads through to your business ASAP!!!
Module 1: Laying the Foundation
In Module 1, we will lay the foundation for your online business:
- You will establish a clear timetable to get your launch going
- You will choose the right technology for your business and offer
- You will understand why your product doesn't need to be fully developed in order to start; and
- We will help you develop your own branding focus and style guide so that your business has a "look" and "feel" like no other. 
Module 2: Your Ideal Client
Module two is all about understanding your perfect client,  your ideal target market:
- You will learn how to research your market in order to create a "compelling" offer, something that they really want.
- You will find out whether your product is "charismatic" enough and what you can do to build a tribe of raving followers and fans.
Module 3: Your Autopilot Engine
In Module 3, you'll learn all about WHY it is important to have a business "engine". You'll learn all about sales funnels and how you should implement them in your business. You'll finalise product names and make product and pricing decisions for your business that make sense, and are well tested. 
Module 4: Your Supercharged Sales Offer
Module 4 is all about designing the sales offer that your customers cannot resist. You will brainstorm product types, pricing and finalise names for your products. You will determine a sales offer around that, set up your offer delivery and finalise the content for your sales page. Above all you will figure out what your lead magnets will be and will plan them out, so that your perfect customer will be effortlessly attracted to you.
Module 5: Driving Traffic
In this module you'll figure out how to build your Facebook ads and how to track them to ensure their success. You will determine the best strategies for your niche of customers, understand the different social media avenues that can be used and how to direct both paid and organic traffic to your offer, and then the nurturing of them until they buy.
Module 6: The Financials
In this module we will determine all aspects of your product pricing and value ladder, and will determine the most IMPORTANT numbers you need to know in your business each and every day. In addition, I will walk you through understanding return on investment from social media spend and how to track and calculate these investments.
+++ PLUS +++
8 Weeks Group Coaching Calls
Because I'm so committed that you will achieve in launching your online business, as a special one time offer for this webinar only, I am offering 8 WEEKS of GROUP COACHING CALLS. These calls are an awesome place where you will receive support, advice, help and accountability as you prepare to launch your online business. 

Frustration, overwhelm and being "stuck" are all emotions of the past! Through these calls you are going to gain crystal clear clarity on the next steps for your business each and every week as well as receiving help and advice with every element of your online business. 

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PER MONTH for 12 payments
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  • INCLUDES - 6 Module Social Media Supermum Online Course + Marketing Experts Video Masterclass Access
  • INCLUDES - Bonus Facebook Ads module + Google Analytics Module
  • INCLUDES - Bonus 8 weeks Coaching Program
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PER MONTH for 4 payments
  • 4 monthly payments
  • INCLUDES - 6 Module Social Media Supermum Online Course + Marketing Experts Video Masterclass Access 
  • INCLUDES - Bonus Facebook Ads module + Google Analytics Module
  • INCLUDES - Bonus 8 weeks Coaching Program
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One off payment and it's done!
  • Single, one-off payment
  • INCLUDES - 6 Module Social Media Supermum Online Course + Marketing Experts Video Masterclass Access
  • INCLUDES - Bonus Facebook Ads module + Google Analytics Module
  • INCLUDES - Bonus 8 weeks Coaching Program
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If you're just not sure... or if you have worked with other coaches and consultants and they've left you high and dry, or cynical about whether this "stuff" works, then I'd personally love to give you every opportunity to prove them wrong, and put your ONLINE BUSINESS SYSTEM into place, once and for all. 

So, I'm giving you a full MONTH to go through all the training, do the assignments, implement my program and launch your online business system once and for all!

And if you contact me within 30 days to show me that you're up to date with all the work, have followed the program, and are still not seen any progress (for some strange reason!) then I'll return the investment to you completely. But, you do have to do the work. 

Social Media Supermum is not ANOTHER course that you will put in your back drawer and promptly forget about. We are all about MAKING.IT.HAPPEN as quickly and effectively as possible so that you walk away with systems that are generating leads to you daily and making you profit. 

We are not about serving those who do not put 100% effort into the program and carry out each and every assignment, because we know that in doing so we fail to serve those who truly and genuinely care about their businesses and the differences that their business can make to the world. So you must absolutely be able to prove that you have done the work and put the strategies in place in order to be eligible for a refund. 

I am SOOOOOO excited about the personal and transformation that is waitng for you on the other side of this program and I am super excited about seeing you live in our online coaching masterclasses. If you have any questions about my 100% money back guarantee offer please feel free to email me or click the "Ask a Question" button at the bottom of this page. 

Still not sure? Check out some recent Client Feedback.
You know, it's not an easy thing to invest in yourself, and invest in a program that could really make a difference to your business, and ultimately, your life.

There is a massive difference between those who commit and go "all in" and those who sit on the sidelines trying to figure it all out themselves. 

If you have ever had a business coach you may have been astonished at how quickly they were able to shift your entire mindset and business up to an entirely new level and find you opportunities that you didn't even realise were out there.

So jump all in and start building your name as the expert in your industry that you truly are.
                                  Frequently Asked Questions
I don't have enough time to get things done as it is so how am I going to find the time to complete this program AND implement the steps to launch my product? 

I get it, and I am just like you - kids, housework, jobs, school holidays, commitments... arrgghhh the list goes on. 
I want you to know that I would NEVER want to put another item on that to-do list of yours. But I want to be honest, every single human has the same 24 hours in a day. And this investment of time is what is going to make a MASSIVE difference to the future you. 

Your only job as a mumpreneur is to maximise your return on investment and prioritise your day in a way that you are ONLY working on the top activities that will guarantee your business becomes a success. 

When you implement all the activities in this course your future earning capacity easily doubles, triples or quadruples. And your return on investment is massive. If you really understood that I'd bet you'd go "all in" and find the time to complete the jobs that need to be done and shed the less effective or time wasting activities you're presently spending your time on.

How many hours should I be putting in each week to get the results I need?

My goal for you is that when you invest one hour on your business through the Social Media Supermum Bootcamp, you will receive a return of at least $1000 or more for that hour spent. 

That being said though, I get that many of you have families, housework, children and commitments, so I have broken the course up into six main modules, with two bonus modules and six Marketing Masterclass modules. (That's 12 modules total).

You will get access to the first training module the minute you join. Each module goes for between 45 minutes to 1 hour in length, with additional supporting items such as how-to guides, checklists and to-do lists. Each week you will be given access to the next module upon completion of the previous module. 

If you want to get your business up and running as quickly as possible, I suggest that you will need to find at least 5 hours a week to work on the program, but if that's too much, that's ok. You will have lifetime access to all the modules.

But honestly, once you get started, you'll be so excited with all the information I'm giving you that you'll just want to get the whole thing done as quickly as possible, like many of my clients have.

Why is the delivery Online instead of in person?

I teach my clients to leverage their time by developing programs, courses and services that allow them to deliver more value to their clients because they are able to replicate and duplicate their business systems. Not only that, but these systems allow access to an international market of people who resonate with my clients' products and brands and who become a passionate tribe of followers. 

I intentionally created this course to allow participants to have the same focus and commitment as a face-to-face training program, without having to travel, and without having to put family commitments on the back-burner, or annoy your favourite babysitter. 

What's more is I noticed that when I delivered face-to-face, participants would leave with a few learnings, but would always come back and ask me the same questions. So through providing access to all the modules online, mumpreneurs have an option to revisit modules they want more confidence with, and increase their learning and insight more powerfully over a longer period of time.
Is the training delivered live, and is there a deadline to start the course?

All our training modules are pre-recorded, meaning that that I have delivered a quality product. All modules are reviewed every few months to ensure the information in them is up to date and remains relevant. There's no need to worry about turning up "live" at a specific time, so if you get busy at home, or at work, it's not a problem. You can login any time and view your training modules.
Why Should I Join Now?

Look I have to be honest, to get all my online clients up and running from beginner all the way through to Social Media Supermum and six-figure success stories, and in order to do this I can only open up the program to a limited number of participants. My last two promotions sold out within 24 hours. So if you're thinking of jumping over the line, now is the time to fully commit to the course and get "all in".

Is this more for beginners or for those who already have an established business?

This is a great course for those that are just starting out and those who’ve been in business for a while. 

If you are looking at launching a new business but just need some help defining your product, your target market or how you message them, this online course will be perfect for you. Also, personally I love working with new clients who haven't yet made mistakes in the social media environment.

And if you're the opposite - you've been doing this a while - and maybe have some burning questions or haven't figured it all out yet, or know you've made mistakes then this course is also perfect for you. You'll get clear on what your mistakes have been and learn how to rectify them quickly. 

How do I get any questions answered during the program?

Each online module is very clear in walking you through the program step-by-step, however there are also plenty of supplementary and supporting materials alongside the modules which have been trialled and tested by many of my clients.

However, if you're still struggling with something and need to ask questions, you can ask them in our Facebook group where I will respond in person to each and every question. And if you get really stuck, you can also email me anytime at

How is this different to the other online courses and programs out there? 

We've all been there, completed a course, written notes and promptly forgotten what the course was teaching us, or failed to execute the course components. 

This is not another "fluffy, feel good" training program. It was designed by me from the ground up to ensure that each participant would actually MAKE IT HAPPEN and get their online business built, once and for all, and generating leads, from Day One. 

I have run several businesses for others and have owned three businesses myself, and this course is the outcome of several years of experience. Working for yourself is challenging both financially and emotionally, and I have personally made many mistakes. This course is the course I wish I had done prior to setting up those businesses, and that's why I'm passionate about delivering it to mumpreneurs all over the world. 

At the end of the day, though, this course is about execution. Getting it built, right, from day one, and getting leads coming from day one.

What if I have more questions? 
 No worries! Contact me directly at - I'll be happy to help.
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